Standard and Premium Cosmetic Dentures

Premium denture lifestyle

Premium denture lifestyle!


Premium Cosmetic Dentures

Premium denture teeth Major Plus Comp

Did you know there is a significant difference between standard, premium and precision dentures?  Premium dentures look much more like your natural teeth than standard dentures.  As a result, they are often referred to as Premium Cosmetic Dentures or just Cosmetic Dentures.  They are also made using higher quality materials than standard dentures.Further, additional techniques and procedures that are not included with standard dentures are used to record all your facial information so as to recreate the character of your smile plus restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles.  Your eyes, eyeglasses and hair color are also considered.  Premium tooth lines  such as Marjor Plus Composite teeth made from modern BioComposite materials are also used and offer an very wide range of materials, moulds and shades designed to look more like natural teeth.  By using these specific techniques, procedures and high quality materials, your new dentures will look life-like and have optimal fit, function and appearance.



Precision Dentures

You can further enhance premium dentures by performing additional adjustments and techniques to make them fit more precisely.  These are known as Precision Dentures.  With precision dentures, more appointments are involved to get precise measurements. Preliminary impressions are taken and instead of using them to make the denture itself, they are used to fabricate custom impression trays that precisely fit your mouth. A second, more accurate impression is then taken using these trays which details the gums, as well as the surrounding muscles and tissues.

Patients who have unusual conditions in their Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) or oral cavities may require additional extensive measurements to accommodate their needs  Precision dentures incorporate extensive measurements of your TMJ as well as your oral cavity. These measurements are transferred to a precise semi adjustable instrument that closely duplicates the natural movement of your jaw. The measurements allow the denturist to recreate the intricate movements associated with how you eat. Additional measurements guide the placement of your teeth for maximum esthetics and speech with your new denture.

A special measurement called a face-bow transfer is then used to measure your head and bone structure as well. This is used to record what is unique to you and transfers it to an intricate apparatus that replicates the characteristics and movement of your jaw to ensure the perfect fit of your denture.

Premium Cosmetic Dentures and Precision dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.  Further they:

• Don’t look like dentures. • Can be based of old photos of your smile. • Help eliminate distortion, pressure points, occlusal interferences. • Reduce micro parasites that can generate odour and infection-causing bacteria. • Have high impact strength as well as wear & fracture resistance. • Have long term colour stability. • Are thoroughly tested before being given to you

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Standard dentures

There is a large variance in the quality and selection of denture materials. The teeth used to make dentures come in a wide variety of materials, moulds, shades and degrees of hardness. A standard denture is a basic conventional denture made using standard materials with limited tooth moulds and shades.  Standard denture teeth tend to wear down at a faster rate and need to be replaced more often than precision denture teeth.

Standard dentures will fit comfortably and function acceptably well however, they are constructed using physiological averages on a non-adjustable machine meaning there are situations where precision dentures will have superior fit and function.

Both standard and premium precision dentures are meant to replace what is missing from your oral cavity and ensure natural results of your esthetics.  However Premium Cosmetic Dentures are dentures that look exactly like real beautiful teeth.  With premium dentures your spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, coworkers and other family members won’t even know you have a denture.  You will have a more  natural looking smile with a premium cosmetic denture and you won’t be as anxious about socializing, working and going out in public.

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